Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Most important issues in paper industry microbiology?

Referring the responses of the readers of IM blog, it seems that the most important issues of this QC area are:

* Klebsiella pneumoniae (and other pathogens)
* Activated sludge
* Economical effects of mb control for the mill

For some reason, no such interest has been focused to

* biofilms
* product hygiene
* raw material storage
* HACCP in P&P industry
* novel mb methods

IM is very pleased for the active visits on his blog page but, after all, will also be very pleased to hear questions about the issues mentioned above.

Looking forward to hear your questions,


Sunday, April 19, 2009

Annual Award "Forest Industry Trainer 2008" by AEL

Microbiology has regarded as a considerable area of paper industry support by Finnish training institute AEL a couple of days ago.

This award was definitely an issue of personal satisfaction for IM. The fact that the role of microbiological control of paper mills has been taken into consideration is the most important thing, however. Courses and lectures of P&P microbiology will focus the attention of personnel in this industry to the significant spares which are resulted by better maintenance of raw materials, run of the machines and quality of the products.

This award was given in the annual meeting of PI, Finnish Society of Paper Engineers. The forecasts of speakers in this meeting were optimistic ones and opinions seem to be pretty positive ones. Funding of several paper technology students also indicates these feelings. The final conclusion of this meeting can therefore be: P&P industry is not a "sunset branch" of global economy, no matter severe economical problems have arisen during last years. Paper and board is still needed worldwide, as well as new fiber-based bioproducts. Feelings after the meeting were therefore very good, indeed.