Friday, June 21, 2013

Pioneer of environmental microbiology!

I recall Dr. Howard E. Worne who was a pioneer in environmental microbiology, incl. bioleaching already on 70's. I met him in Finland when he was already over 70 years - very nice person, indeed.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

The most frequent questions of industrial microbiology today?

Since the beginning of my blog, several years ago, I have collected some statistics about the questions which have been redirected from Internet search activities into my blog. The following "top three" is not actually statistically analyzed but still reviews my own opinion of the most important topics . The main issues, therefore, seem to be

* activated sludge
* hazardous bacteria (both pathogenic strains, like coliforms, in paper products and other specified pricrobiologyocess contaminants, like sulfate reducing bacteria, SRB's)
* prevention of biofilm and slime microorganisms

I have mainly focused on the effects of contaminating microbes in industrial processes. Biotechnological processes like production of beverages, antibiotics etc. have therefore excluded from my blog - the only exception is biological waste water treatment, however. I have also made a comparison between commercial bioreactors (fermentors) and paper machines because many similarities can be found when observing biotechnical productions  and process water systems of paper and board machines!

Despite my current focus on the environmental and mining microbiology, I still follow news concerning paper industry microbiology. I am also planning a mobile mibi service for small waste water purification units, agricultural facilities as well as for pulp & paper industry.

You are very welcome to follow my blog if these issues interest You!