Thursday, February 28, 2008

Microscopy as a control tool in paper industry.

A microscope, intended for microbiology, can be very effective tool in the microbiological control of paper machines. There are some technical differences between paper analysis and microbiological analysis microscopes, mainly in their optical features (depth of field as an inverse factor to distinction of small details etc.) but, in most cases, a middle-price, modern paper analysis microscope can be modified for microbiological examinations.

Some illumination methods - not so familiar on other areas of microscopy - are especially beneficial for paper industry microbiology analyses. Dark Field illumination (with special condensor) can help to find tiny (< 1 micrometer) microorganisms, Phase Contrast illumination (needs certain types of condensors and objectives) is excellent when checking living, non-stained preparates and UV Epifluorescence Microscopy opens new chances to differentiate living and non-living microscale objects.

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