Thursday, March 20, 2008

What is paper industry microbiology?

A combination of paper industry and microbiology is rare.

The last textbook about this topic was published in U.S.A. - the year was something like 1955 (when I was a small boy).

After that, a lot of things have happened. It is a most interesting issue. Have you heard about

* "ecocatastrophe" in process microbiology during the change from acidic to neutral/alcalic process?
* the role of bacteria in this new situation - all environmental conditions in a paper machine have changed?
* the role of calcium carbonate and kaolin in the microbiology of paper machines?
* ever increasing recirculation of process waters give more growth period for selected process bacteria?
* sporulation of bacteria is stimulated by longer recirculation periods - what does it mean?
* biocides may be dosed in TOO LOW levels - in opposite to opinions that all kind of microbiological control of process water automatically lead to lower consumption of biocides?

These are issues which I have dealed with over 20 years. I am therefore asking your opinions!

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