Tuesday, September 23, 2008

How to present novel mb methods to paper industry?

Novel methods of microbiology have been a most interesting topic for IM for decades. Beginning from 1970's, the value of ATPAssay and RR Test have been obvious, and both were adopted to paper industry on 1980's-1990's.

The increase of economical problems in paper industry are also very obvious today. IM has red articles and blogs about the reasons for this situation in this small, northern country with extensive forests: is it the problem of wood supply (= high Russian taxes for export and decreased activity by Finns themselves to sell their wood to the mills), the overcapacity of fine paper (other P&P products have no problems?) or both?

Back to the subject of my blog (after a short political survey, in which IM really has no expertice):

Paper companies are calling for tools to improve driveability of the machines, to catch better process control systems andto have lower number of product disqualification. Microbiological problems are still huge among all types of paper and board production, and QC methods like ON LINE ATP, BIOTOUCH Concept etc. could help significantly to lower the number of annual hours and days when the machines are stopped because microbiological problems.

But: how can we microbiologist publish these ideas? It seems that people, working for P&P industry, are more and more busy. How can we create a channel to deliver information about new methods to them?

Web-based marketing seems to be one challenging alternative to traditional paper articles, fairs etc. KK-Net (as an example) is doing a pioneer work to activate contacts between P&P industry and research institutes. This can be the way in future what we should follow. 

One must remember: Microbes are active day and night, no matter we may not are!

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