Wednesday, December 31, 2008


There are only a couple of hours left in 2008. I am sitting in the middle of a snow storm in Central Finland, suffering of a flu which I have got as a souvenir from my Latvian visit (Riga is a beautiful city but as cold as Finland during Christmas time).

Looking back to 2008: what has happened on the area of paper industry microbiology?

It seems that certain depression has been obvious in R&D of paper industry - and especially in D. Activities of chemical suppliers will be asked by paper makers to fulfill trouble shooting tasks. Smaller private labs have also been active to assist to solve microbiological problems like H2S production by SRB's, spoilage of raw materials and biofilm formation. 

Novel methods - like PCR and PMEU - are on the threshold of applications. 

I have only one wish for 2009 regarding paper industry microbiology:

I wish that all partners of the joint activities, intended in securing paper process runnability, will have time and interest to build up cooperation. All elements for this are already available:

* experienced personnel of paper mills
* biocide suppliers, having response to help in mb problems
* novel, rapid analytical tools for P&P microbiology
* private, active research institutes

I therefore wish every one 


and promise to myself to be more active as a blog writer for Paper Industry Microbiology!

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