Sunday, August 16, 2009

Applications of PMEU method for biofilm research and testing of biocides against biofilm growth

Paper machine biofilms have been studied already several years with PMEU method by IM. Test coupons, made of steel brands used in paper machines, have been installed inside PMEU syringaes and the growth has been observed with UV Epifluorescence Microscopy after a short incubation period (see picture above).

This technique has now been modified for ordinary light microscopes, too. Steel coupons have been replaced by specified glass slides and the Gram-stained biofilms can be observed with Bright Field Microscopy - no expensive epifluorescence microscopes are needed in this application.

This method will detect all biofilm-producing microbes and testing of biofilm-preventing biocides is also possible simultaneously. Primary attachers typically appear on the slides in just hours and mature biofilms are available in 12...24 hours. This application is very suitable for all areas of industry where the hygiene of surfaces is important. It can also be applied in every environmental research projects where the formation of biofilms in natural water environments is the subject of the study. Hygiene control of public swimming pools etc. also benefit of this method.

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