Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Good News' Day?

It is now published: TV news told tonight about the fusion of KCL (national pulp and paper R&D center) and VTT (national center of technical R&D) in Finland.

As an insider for several years, IM has seen the synergy of these two institutes and their university partners. Now, as an outsider observer, IM was slightly surprised but, after a moment of wondering, he understands the basic facts which have led to this solution.

This new, big R&D center will work towards R&D solutions more effectively and economically, IM hopes. It also comes time to invite small, scientific enterprises to have cooperation with this major R&D unit. They will give fresh views on several areas like process control, hygiene and energy savings. They have been the origin of new ideas in several cases during IM's career, indeed.

IM is therefore looking forward optimistically! "Small can be beautiful"!

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